“There’s a lady outside with something for you,” the nurse said to me yesterday. I wasn’t expecting anyone. Who could this be?

A few minutes later a woman appeared. “You don’t know me,” she said. “But my daughter in Israel does.” At that moment I instantly saw the family resemblance and guessed.
“Gina Jacobson!” I said.

Gina and I have met in person at social media events, but we know each other largely thanks to Twitter. I see Gina in my timeline almost every day. We might be in different countries but she is one of those people who are a regular presence in my life.

Gina had seen my blog posts about hospital and breastfeeding  and decided to send me a gift – via her mother, Lindy who works upstairs from the maternity ward. It was such a lovely, kind thing to do and it made my day.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.32.28 AM

Raphaela slept through the whole conversation. We talked about her and how big she was when she was born. Lindy  mentioned that she missed her children who were overseas. A moment of sadness passed, and then we spoke of other things.

Thank you Gina. So many people have been so kind to me over this past couple of weeks – sharing stories, reassurance and experiences. All of you are helping in your own way, and it does make a big difference. Thank you to everyone for your kindness. It counts.

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